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Our Company

Since 1983, Cool-Walk has been dedicated to providing horsemen at thoroughbred race tracks, as well as private barn facilities with the safest, most dependable, and cost-efficient horse walker. This dedication has made Cool-Walk the leader in horse walking machine production and service and has allowed us to set industry standards unmatched by competing firms. We produce the highest quality horse walker at a competitive price!
At our factory in Clearwater, Florida, engineers, and technicians work side-by-side in both production and research, continually improving on design and building methods. The result is a horse walking machine constructed of uncompromising safety which offers peace of mind and extreme durability, which ensures dependability.


Our horse walking machines are the safest, most dependable machine available. 


Our virtually indestructible body design, along with our hydraulic motor assembly, will put any horseman's mind at ease.

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